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If you plan to make large deliveries of goods you will need to make correct shipment arrangements from the start. That means that the entire logistics process from loading the goods at the consignor's warehouse to unloading at the consignee's warehouse must be supervised by a competent manager.

Loading the goods onto vehicles at the consignor's warehouse is a crucial stage of cargo shipment. All documents may be in order, shipment route may be the most cost-effective, carriage of goods through the customs may be arranged. And yet, if at the start the goods loaded onto a vehicle are the wrong kind, are not of proper quality or quantity, or loaded incorrectly, then the outcome of shipment will be lamentable.

That is why booking services of a competent logistics manager, who will supervise loading of the goods at the consignor's warehouse, is crucial for successful start of shipment.
How Can We Help with Loading and Paperwork at the Consignor's Warehouse?
Marline manager may personally arrive to the consignor's warehouse or may supervise loading of the goods and paperwork at the warehouse on a remote basis, though less efficiently. If the consignor is located in another country, the customer may pay the manager's business travel costs for quality arrangement of loading and inspection of the goods while still at the warehouse. Frequently such costs pay off right away due to absence of defective goods in the lot (which happens during import of goods from Asia and other countries).

Our manager:
  • checks quality of each lot of goods;
  • checks whether fragile goods are properly loaded;
  • prepares all necessary documents on site and makes sure all documents are available;
  • checks quantity of goods in a consignment note with the quantity of loaded goods;
  • builds friendly contacts with the consignor if you are the customer. It will be good for your business on the whole;
  • helps you as a consignor to properly complete the order for the buyer without any extra problems and errors.

Rely on a professional logistics manager. Your business must generate profit from the start. Shipping process must be supervised from the consignor's warehouse to the consignee's warehouse.
We Provide Support throughout the Way!
Loading goods from the warehouse onto means of transport selected by you:
  • carriage by rail
  • carriage by road
  • combined shipment: by rail + by road
  • cargo transhipment at a terminal
  • preparation of certificates
Customs Handling
  • intra-port handling of cargo
  • customs handling of cargo in port
Cargo Delivery to the Buyer's Warehouse
  • container delivery by sea
  • cargo movement monitoring
  • Calculation of volume of goods to be loaded into a container depending on specifications
  • Choosing loading and packing method
  • Preparation of necessary documents for international business transactions
  • Preparation and selection of a container for shipment
  • Cargo insurance and survey
  • We will help to obtain insurance for scheduled shipments and lots, as well as for a separate shipment.
  • We will provide insurance for almost all types of cargo, including dangerous goods and articles of special value.
  • We offer special terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis.
  • You select a list of risks to be included into insurance programme.
  • licence for goods;
  • insurance certificate;
  • customs declaration, import declaration ЕХ-1, Т-1;
  • international consignment note (CMR), bill of lading;
  • invoice;
  • Carnet TIR;
  • EUR. 1 export certificate and others
  • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
  • Selection of optimum route
  • Choosing an optimum price
  • Control of cargo movement from the warehouse to the port
  • Handling unanticipated situations
  • Container forwarding in port
  • Customs handling
  • Consolidation of the lot per bill of lading
  • Preparation of documents per lot for the buyer
  • Analysis of liner services on the required route (time/cost/service)
  • Selection of the best container line on the given route
  • Booking places on the planned vessel
  • Tracking container movement before unloading at the port of destination
  • Control of arrival of the container lot to the port of destination
  • Container forwarding in port
  • Customs handling
  • Planning delivery of containers to the warehouse with the consignee
  • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
  • Selection of optimum route
  • Choosing an optimum price
  • Control of cargo movement from the port to the warehouse
  • Handling unanticipated situations
  • Control of unloading of goods
  • Completion of shipment documents
  • Delivery of the empty container to the shipping line's warehouse
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