Types of Trailers
Euro trailers

Euro trailers with canvas cover or curtain trailers are the most practical and convenient type of semi-trailers for cargo trucks. Thanks to general purpose structure of the vehicle body (curtain, cage and sides can be removed, if necessary), cargo can be loaded and unloaded through the sides and the top using special hoisting devices and cranes. Curtain trailers are used for carriage of cargo of varying shape and dimensions. With a curtain and cage removed, a trailer can be used as a flatbed (side height is 35- 50 cm) for loading pallets with cargo. According to standards, 2 euro pallets 120 cm long placed side by side across the euro trailer must fit in. Carriage of cargo in euro trailers is one of the most sought-after services of our company.

Insulated and Refrigerated Trailers

Refrigerated trailers have reliable insulation of external sides and an internal cooling system, thus being fully independent of the environment. They are in fact mobile refrigerated chambers. They are used for carriage of deep-frozen products at large distances without any loss in quality.

Container Trucks

Full containers are delivered from a port or a railway station to the customer by road using container semi-trailers and trailers. Dimensions of a container semi-trailer meet standard dimensions of shipping containers. The most common are trailers for carriage of 20-feet and 40-feet containers. High-cube containers are often used for oversized cargo. They differ by height – 2,896 mm against 2,591 mm in standard containers. Most high-cube containers are 40 feet long, 45-feet containers are less frequent.

Logging Trucks

Logging semi-trailers are widely used for carriage of timber. They are a flatbed trailer fitted for carriage of various types of timber (long logs, wood up to 23 m long) on roads of any type. There are various types of logging trucks. Some models of logging semi-trailers are fitted with a platform-mounted crane for loading and unloading construction materials. There are simpler models of logging trucks without a loading crane.

Special-Purpose Trailers

Special-purpose trailer is a special-purpose vehicle designed for carriage of machinery, including road building equipment, and for carriage of various heavy-weight, oversized and long cargo. Special-purpose trailers have varying capacity: small, medium, large capacity. There are low-bed heavy semi-trailers with a detachable gooseneck and frontal loading, low-bed heavy trucks with rear loading, heavy-duty off-road semi-trailers, extendable and modular semi-trailers, as well as pipe trucks, beam trucks and pipe string trucks.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are irreplaceable during construction work, carriage of agricultural products, loose bulk cargo and non-bulk cargo.

We have all types of cargo vehicles to provide prompt quality services for our clients. The company has its own vehicles, as well as rented vehicles, such as curtain trailers, insulated trailers, refrigerated trailers and many others.

We can offer any type of vehicles to our clients!

  • Calculation of volume of goods to be loaded into a container depending on specifications
  • Choosing loading and packing method
  • Preparation of necessary documents for international business transactions
  • Preparation and selection of a container for shipment
  • Cargo insurance and survey
  • We will help to obtain insurance for scheduled shipments and lots, as well as for a separate shipment.
  • We will provide insurance for almost all types of cargo, including dangerous goods and articles of special value.
  • We offer special terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis.
  • You select a list of risks to be included into insurance programme.
  • licence for goods;
  • insurance certificate;
  • customs declaration, import declaration ЕХ-1, Т-1;
  • international consignment note (CMR), bill of lading;
  • invoice;
  • Carnet TIR;
  • EUR. 1 export certificate and others
  • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
  • Selection of optimum route
  • Choosing an optimum price
  • Control of cargo movement from the warehouse to the port
  • Handling unanticipated situations
  • Container forwarding in port
  • Customs handling
  • Consolidation of the lot per bill of lading
  • Preparation of documents per lot for the buyer
  • Analysis of liner services on the required route (time/cost/service)
  • Selection of the best container line on the given route
  • Booking places on the planned vessel
  • Tracking container movement before unloading at the port of destination
  • Control of arrival of the container lot to the port of destination
  • Container forwarding in port
  • Customs handling
  • Planning delivery of containers to the warehouse with the consignee
  • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
  • Selection of optimum route
  • Choosing an optimum price
  • Control of cargo movement from the port to the warehouse
  • Handling unanticipated situations
  • Control of unloading of goods
  • Completion of shipment documents
  • Delivery of the empty container to the shipping line's warehouse
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