Air Transportation
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When it is important to deliver goods as quickly as possible - there is no more effective means than air transportation. We transport goods by plane overseas.
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  • cargo transportation from the sender's warehouse to the airport terminal
    Document preparation
    • drawing up the necessary certificates
    • cargo clearance at the airport
    Customs clearance at the airport
    Delivery to the recipient
    • air cargo delivery
    • cargo movement monitoring

    Advantages of air transportation

    The main advantage of air transportation is saving time.
    The airplane is the safest transport not only for people, but also for cargos. Air freight reduces the risk of mechanical damage, temperature fluctuations, and atmospheric moisture to a minimum.
    Compliance with deadlines.
    When the weather is optimal, accurate flight departures allow cargo to be delivered on time and without delays.
    Minimal checks.
    Cargo avoids a large number of customs inspections when transported by air.
    Reliable insurance.
    Your shipment will be protected from spoilage and damage all the way through the delivery.

    Special features of air transportation

    Air transportation is one of the most expensive types of cargo transportation. However, this type has a number of cost advantages that will compensate for the costs. For example, air transportation can reduce customs duties and insurance premiums. If we compare the transportation of cargo by sea or by train, these figures will be much lower.

    In addition, you do not have to pay for storage of goods in the warehouse. Upon arrival in the city of destination, the cargo is immediately sent to the consignee.

    What documents are needed for air transportation

    Our specialists prepare standard documents for air transportation. In order for the delivery to take place without delays, unforeseen circumstances and long waiting times at customs, you will need special documents for the carriage of goods by air.

    Depending on the route of travel and the characteristics of the cargo, the following documents may be required:

    Product license;
    Insurance, EX-1, T-1 customs and import declaration;
    AWB, safety declaration;
    Invoice, packing list.
    In the process of exporting or importing goods from the ports of Odessa region between continents, and even when transporting products across Ukraine, more than one form has to be filled out. Each certificate or invoice is required at a certain stage or during settling formalities with a competent authority, so any omission or irresponsibility can cause delays and problems.

    No experience in preparing customs or insurance documents? Marline logistics specialists will help you choose the best vehicle for your cargo, draw up a suitable route and fill out the entire package of documents.

    Benefits of working with us

    Our task is to organize the process of transporting cargo so that you, without going into details, get the desired result within the agreed timeframe.
    Large staff of employees, available vehicles, maritime contracts make it possible to meet the needs of any number of partners without reducing the quality of services.
    Attention to detail
    Every detail of an order for us is a tool to create comfortable conditions for cooperation. We delve into the finer points of the contract and try to satisfy the smallest wishes.
    24/7 availability
    Working with us, you will never face outstanding issues; our managers are ready to address them around the clock and to smooth things over.
    • Calculation of volume of goods to be loaded into a container depending on specifications
    • Choosing loading and packing method
    • Preparation of necessary documents for international business transactions
    • Preparation and selection of a container for shipment
    • Cargo insurance and survey
    • We will help to obtain insurance for scheduled shipments and lots, as well as for a separate shipment.
    • We will provide insurance for almost all types of cargo, including dangerous goods and articles of special value.
    • We offer special terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis.
    • You select a list of risks to be included into insurance programme.
    • licence for goods;
    • insurance certificate;
    • customs declaration, import declaration ЕХ-1, Т-1;
    • international consignment note (CMR), bill of lading;
    • invoice;
    • Carnet TIR;
    • EUR. 1 export certificate and others
    • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
    • Selection of optimum route
    • Choosing an optimum price
    • Control of cargo movement from the warehouse to the port
    • Handling unanticipated situations
    • Container forwarding in port
    • Customs handling
    • Consolidation of the lot per bill of lading
    • Preparation of documents per lot for the buyer
    • Analysis of liner services on the required route (time/cost/service)
    • Selection of the best container line on the given route
    • Booking places on the planned vessel
    • Tracking container movement before unloading at the port of destination
    • Control of arrival of the container lot to the port of destination
    • Container forwarding in port
    • Customs handling
    • Planning delivery of containers to the warehouse with the consignee
    • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
    • Selection of optimum route
    • Choosing an optimum price
    • Control of cargo movement from the port to the warehouse
    • Handling unanticipated situations
    • Control of unloading of goods
    • Completion of shipment documents
    • Delivery of the empty container to the shipping line's warehouse
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