Consent of Marline LTD Website's Visitors to Personal Data Processing

In accordance with the Law of Ukraine "Personal Data Protection" No. 2297-VI dated June 1, 2010 ("Law"), I ("Data Subject") hereby grant my consent to Marline LTD ("Company") to processing of my personal data and acknowledge that such consent is granted as my free act and deed for my own interests. This consent shall apply to the following information: my surname, given name, patronymic, phone number, email, and other information concerning myself. Consent to personal data processing is granted for the purpose of use this website's services.

Consent shall be granted for any operations in connection with the Personal Data required for the above purposes, including without limitation the following: collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (update, change), use, distribution (including transfer), anonymization, blocking, deletion and any other operations with personal data in accordance with the laws in force. The Company shall process personal data as follows: personal data processing using automation means, personal data processing without automation means (non-automated processing). The Company shall not be limited in use of processing methods for personal data processing. I hereby agree that the Company may in case of necessity provide my personal data for the above purposes to any third parties (including subsidiaries and controlled parties), their agents, contractors and other persons authorized by them. Such third parties may process personal data on the basis of this consent. This consent is granted by me for an unlimited period of time, but may be revoked by a notice in writing sent to the Company one (1) month prior to revocation at the latest.

This consent shall be deemed a written notice to the personal data subject that he/she is entered into the Company's personal database as of the date of signature of this agreement (acceptance).

In accordance with Article 8 of the Law, by signing (accepting) this Consent the personal data subject shall be deemed informed in writing about his/her right: to know about location of the personal database containing his/her personal data, its designation and name, location and/or place of residence (stay) of such database owner or manager, or to give authority for obtaining such information to authorized persons, except for cases, provided for by the law; to receive information about terms of access to personal data, including information about third parties, to which such subject's personal data contained in the appropriate personal database are transferred to; to receive response within thirty calendar days upon inquiry, except for cases provided for by the Law, whether the subject's personal data are stored in the appropriate personal database, and to receive the content of the subject's data stored; to submit a motivated refusal from processing of his/her personal data by public authorities and local self-governing bodies exercising powers granted by the Law; to submit a motivated request for update or deletion of his/her personal data by any owner or manager of the database, if such data are processed illegally or are inaccurate; right for protection of the subject's personal data against illegal processing and accidental loss, deletion, damage in connection with wilful concealment, failure to provide or delay in provision of data, as well as for protection against provision of information that is inaccurate or defamatory and discrediting business reputation of an individual; to seek protection of his/her rights with regard to personal data in public authorities and local self-governing bodies authorized to protect personal data; to seek legal redress in case of breach of personal data protection laws.

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