Career at Marline
Career at Marline
Are you looking for a stable, interesting and promising job?

Do you want to develop as a specialist, reveal your talents and professional qualities?

Our company invites you to join a large and friendly team, where each employee feels like a person and simultaneously a part of something important and needed by people.
Who do we want to see in our team?
We are looking for active people. Those, who are able to be excited about a creative task, who want not just the work to be a source of money, but for the work to become an interesting part of their life.

It is not so important to us, if you are a super-professional in your field or not. It is important for us that you want to see the goals of our company, understand how it lives, and want to do something special for its development. And we will definitely teach you technical wisdom and skills.

Even if you do not have a specialized education, you have never worked in a transport or logistics company – it does not matter. We value enthusiasm and dedication much more than diplomas from the world's leading universities.
Working conditions at Marline:
Official employment.
Stable salary above the average.
Social package (paid vacation, medical insurance, sick leave).
Convenient, flexible work schedules (depending on the position).
All the opportunities for rapid career growth (and, accordingly, for the growth of the salary).
Fertile soil for personal growth.
Creative tasks for everyone.
Regular training and professional development for employees in all areas of work.
Will our offer suit you?
We have a job for both professionals and beginners. Even if you have no work experience, you have no special achievements, but you have a burning desire to build a career in a large international company – we are waiting for your resume. Specify your skills (certainly there is something you already know how to do?), your strong points as a person, expectations concerning the work – and we will definitely consider such an offer.

If you are a qualified employee with solid work experience in other companies, special attention will be paid to you. We value people, who achieved great results, and give them the opportunity to grow and develop even more in our company. Your resume will be given the priority.
We strive for new standards of work and always work for the future.
The motto of Marline
We strive for new standards of work and always work for the future.
The motto of Marline
What will you get by becoming a part of Marline?
We understand that the growth of any company is the merit of its employees. A successful company is made by individuals, who invest time and soul in its development.

Therefore, each employee is as valuable as gold for us. We are not fans of frequent staff turnover. We want our team to be stable, and people to enjoy their work. It is not profitable for us to change employees, since the company itself suffers from this. And in order to ensure stability in the work of the staff, we are constantly trying to improve the working conditions for both managers and ordinary workers.
How to get a job in our company?

Each of us spends most of our time at work. So why not spend this time passionately and with an awareness of the importance of what we are doing? The Marline company is ready to provide such conditions of cooperation to everyone.

On the VACANCIES page, you will find a list of current and burning vacancies, from which you can choose the one that suits your skills and specialization.

But even if there is no suitable one for you among the listed vacancies – it does not matter! Send your resume by e-mail, and we will definitely consider it as well. Our company is growing every day, and there is a place for everyone, who is ready to become a part of it.
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