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Professional freight forwarding helps to make domestic or international shipment faster, safer and cheaper. Organization of sea transportation is completely impossible without the involvement of an intra-port forwarder. The specialist controls the loading/unloading of products, is engaged in paperwork process in the port cities of Ukraine or any country in the world.
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Loading goods from the warehouse onto means of transport selected by you:
  • carriage by rail
  • carriage by road
  • combined shipment: by rail + by road
  • cargo transhipment at a terminal
  • preparation of certificates
Customs Handling
  • intra-port handling of cargo
  • customs handling of cargo in port
Cargo Delivery to the Buyer's Warehouse
  • container delivery by sea
  • cargo movement monitorin

Advantages of a forwarding service

There are rarely positions and vacancies of a freight forwarder in the staff of trading companies or manufacturing enterprises. It is better to order the services of a specialist who is able to control sea or rail transportation from a logistics company with positive reviews.

Marline employees know the telephones and the specifics of the work of customs organizations, other regulatory authorities with which they have to cooperate in the process of international delivery. The services of a freight forwarder include the solution of various organizational tasks:
Registration of intra-port documentation, coordination of additional issues with agents of the sea line.
Sending goods for storage.
Loading and unloading, movement of products across the port territory.
Preparation of an insurance policy.
Interaction with port regulatory authorities, resolving controversial issues.
Customs clearance and lock-in of cargos during import/export.
Together with intra-port forwarding, Marline employees offer LLC and Private entity comprehensive supervision and control of the transportation of products from the supplier's warehouse to the recipient's address. Cooperation with our logisticians, forwarders, managers and customs brokers helps to save the corporate budget and speed up all transport processes.

What documents are drawn up by the forwarder

An important stage of intra-port or railway freight forwarding is paperwork. Our specialists have many years of experience in organizing cargo transportation, so they clearly know which of the blank forms is needed at each stage of shipment.

For the successful delivery of small or bulk quantity of goods to different countries of the world, a complete package of documents will be required:

Product license;
Insurance policy;
Import and customs declaration EX-1, T-1;
International consignment note, invoice, bill of lading;
Carnet TIR and Euro-1 export certificate.
Employees of the Marline transport company will quickly and efficiently resolve all organizational and documentary issues, negotiate with customs organizations and obtain a number of permits. Specialists will prepare all the papers required for import/export, transportation of goods in Ukraine, customs storage, loading/unloading of products in warehouses.


What services are included in forwarding?
Forwarding in seaports involves full documentary registration of EXP/IMP cargo in the ports of Odessa, Chornomorsk, Yuzhny, as well as special customs services:
1. Coordination with the customs authorities of Ukraine on behalf of the subjects of international trade.
2. Clearance of cargos in international shipping lines.
3. Transport support.
4. Coordination of delivery with the domestic services of Ukrainian seaports.
5. Interaction with container anchorage terminals in favor of service customers, etc.
How quickly does the container leave the port after arrival?
After providing a full package of documents (needed for the correct registration of the container), the cargo departs to the final destination within 24 hours. Deviations from the schedule are possible in case of unforeseen circumstances that led to a delay in processing.
Are ports open on weekends?
The ports are open around the clock 24/7.
The working hours of shipping lines and customs authorities involved in the clearance of cargos lasts in accordance with the staffing chart of these organizations.
What documents are needed for cargo clearance at ports?
To export goods, the following documents are required:
  • Invoice;
  • Packing list;
  • Instructions for the bill of lading;
  • Cargo Customs declaration.

  • Calculation of volume of goods to be loaded into a container depending on specifications
  • Choosing loading and packing method
  • Preparation of necessary documents for international business transactions
  • Preparation and selection of a container for shipment
  • Cargo insurance and survey
  • We will help to obtain insurance for scheduled shipments and lots, as well as for a separate shipment.
  • We will provide insurance for almost all types of cargo, including dangerous goods and articles of special value.
  • We offer special terms and conditions on a case-by-case basis.
  • You select a list of risks to be included into insurance programme.
  • licence for goods;
  • insurance certificate;
  • customs declaration, import declaration ЕХ-1, Т-1;
  • international consignment note (CMR), bill of lading;
  • invoice;
  • Carnet TIR;
  • EUR. 1 export certificate and others
  • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
  • Selection of optimum route
  • Choosing an optimum price
  • Control of cargo movement from the warehouse to the port
  • Handling unanticipated situations
  • Container forwarding in port
  • Customs handling
  • Consolidation of the lot per bill of lading
  • Preparation of documents per lot for the buyer
  • Analysis of liner services on the required route (time/cost/service)
  • Selection of the best container line on the given route
  • Booking places on the planned vessel
  • Tracking container movement before unloading at the port of destination
  • Control of arrival of the container lot to the port of destination
  • Container forwarding in port
  • Customs handling
  • Planning delivery of containers to the warehouse with the consignee
  • Analysis of options and selection of rolling stock/road vehicles
  • Selection of optimum route
  • Choosing an optimum price
  • Control of cargo movement from the port to the warehouse
  • Handling unanticipated situations
  • Control of unloading of goods
  • Completion of shipment documents
  • Delivery of the empty container to the shipping line's warehouse
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